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St. Francis International family

Family Service

Family Service Requirement

Each family at St. Francis International School is required to complete 25 hours of service to the school.

Ways to Earn Hours

  • attend Community Connections meetings

  • volunteer at school events

  • chaperone field trips

  • make donations for school events ($20 = 1 hour)

  • contact school office for other ways to serve!

Logging Service Hours

To register service hours with the school, you can pick up the service hour form from the office or print a copy here. All forms must be submitted to the school office. If your service hours were in the form of a donation, please attach a copy of the receipt.

Volunteering in School

To volunteer to chaperone field trips or at in school events, you must be VIRTUS trained. All adults only need to complete the VIRTUS training process and be fingerprinted one time. To start the VIRTUS process, see VIRTUS in the "Forms" section or contact the school office.

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